vrijdag 11 september 2009

Go Slow - Droog Design, New York

The first edition of Go Slow by Droog Design took place in Milan (Italy) in 2004. The presentation went on a re-run in New York. I used my type design Doily for the signage for this second edition.

Picture by Raphael Brion.

Princess Máxima meets one of the servers at Go Slow cafe by Droog Design with Marije Vogelzang, sloom.org (Rianne Makkink and Herman Verkerk) and Hansje van Halem. Pictures by Isauro Cairo

- commissioned by Sloom (Herman Verkerk / Rianne Makkink) and Droog Design
- type design Doily, hand drawn with 0.3 mm Steadler fineliner
- laserprint on paper
- with thanks to Babette Zijlstra
- www.pioneersofchange.com
- pictures via www.eatmedaily.com (Raphael Brion) and www.pioneersofchange.com (Isauro Cairo)