vrijdag 27 juni 2003

VPRO - annual report

In 2003 the VPRO (a Dutch broadcasting company) decided to commission their annual reports to graduation students of Dutch art academies. The Rietveld Academie was first, and I was the lucky one to design it. It was my first real assignment and very educational.

The theme 'Internal Messages' was given by the commissioner and had to cheer up a boring report. The internal company e-mails, slightly odd or funny and the report are designed as two separate books of different sizes and were shoved inside of each other. In between the plain text for the annual report, every now and than a couple of internal messages show up.

- This report won the Dutch prize for 'Most beautiful Annual Report 2002' in 2003.
- commissioned by VPRO
- with thanks to Marieke Stolk.
- type Perpetua
- printed by Robstolk