woensdag 17 maart 2010

Show & Tell - invites

Lately I'm into promoting my friends. Although they don't really need my promotion because they are great inspirational designers, I try to find good reasons to do it.
For the short period I have been teaching the first year's students at the HKU, I invited Michiel Schuurman, Simon Wald-Lasowski and Bart de Baets to show their work to the students. These designers all have been my class mates and I thought it was nice to show (off with) how different we all turned out.

- mini posters (A4)
- invites (A5)
- laser and inkjet print
- editions of 50

- Next time I'll be a better girl and ask a student to design the announcements. For now it were spontaneous plans which left me with no time for didactic thoughts.