woensdag 2 februari 2011

Schrank8 - Posters

For over a year I've been running a home gallery in my livingroom called Schrank8. These are the posters I've designed and silk screened to promote the exhibitions. I've made the posters into a typographic playfield. I like use the silk screen to print on textured materials.

Schrank8 #6 - Pinar & Viola - Fluor pink and purple on pearl crocodile paper

Schrank8 #5 - Johann Kauth - Black and white on silver

Schrank8 #4 - Miek Zwamborn - Mint green on mos green metallic paper

Schrank8 #4 - Michiel Schuurman - Purple with transparant crocodile texture on card board

Schrank8 #2 - Job Wouters - White on textured black paper

Schrank8 #1 - Bart de Baets - Type face Marker Dots, printed black and white on blue paper.

Thanks to Michiel Schuurman who introduced me to silk screening at Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier.
Pictures by Rebke Klokke