maandag 4 april 2011

Uit de schaduw - Nederlands Genootschap van Bibliofielen

Together with Chang Chi Lan-Ying and Uitgeverij De Buitenkant we've been working on a book for the Dutch Organization of Bibliophiles to celebrate their 20th anniversary. For the bibliophiles of course only the best of the best was good enough. Full colour interior with, black and silver endpaper, 2 bookmarkers and a cloth bound cover with foil print.

It's quite extraordinary to get to design a 4 colour foil print for the cover (back, front and spine), which is 10 print runs in total...

Size: 17x24 cm, 432 pages, full colour, cloth bound, 4 colours foil print
Type setting: Chang Chi Lan-Ying / Photography: Rebke Klokke
/ Typeface: Collis by Mathias Noordzij / Printed by: Lenoirschuring i.c.w., Offsetdrukkerij Jan de Jong / Bound by: Binderij Van Waarden / Print run: 1.000, ISBN 978 94 903 13 07 6, price: € 29,50

The poster announce the exhibition matches the cover design of the book. The exhibition runs until June 19th at Museum Meermanno, The Hague (NL).
Poster, A2 - printed in 5 colours including gold and silver