vrijdag 8 september 2000

Fanzine for grandmother

In 2000 we had Experimental Jetset as teachers. For their assignment we had to make a fanzine about something we were fanatic about, I chose my grandmother (b. 1922).
Even though this work is already 10 years old, I still show it to students. Not only to show off, but also because it was the very moment I got a click with graphic design. We had to produce this fanzine in a print run of at least 30. For the first time I understood the importance of reproduction. I couldn't hide my design skills by coming up with impossible materials and complicated techniques. Graphic design had boundaries because it had to be reproduced, had to be affordable and in the end still be good.

I used school cahiers with recycled paper, which I managed to feed into a copy machine.

For the content I used my grandmothers photo-album and official documents like her marriage license.

I had asked my grandmother to write down the alphabet, which I made into a working typeface. I used that typeface to write her a letter. The letter is the content of the booklet.

In the end I gave her this booklet. I don't think she really understood it. Although she got pretty concerned about me, because there's a part where I write about being drunk...