vrijdag 11 oktober 2002

Reader Magazine

While being students at the Rietveld Academie Michiel Schuurman and I initiated a magazine about books. It all started with the question if books would survive in the digital age. Interviews, editing, design, production and distribution was in hands of the enthusiastic designers, who were not always competent on every level...

For the content of the magazine we had interviews with second hand bookshop Joot, poet K. Michel, book- and paper conservator Benita Jansma, type designer Gerard Unger, online story teller Nobody Here, and graphic designer Barbara Hermann.

Reader #4

- Reader #5 is still available (in Dutch), 10 euro's ex. postage, mail to hansje@hansje.net
- laser print on 70grs paper, glue bound in an edition of 200