vrijdag 27 juni 2003

Scratched Letter

For my gradution I designed the Scratched Letter. It started while making my first try-outs using a Wacom Tablet. I tested this mouse pen by scratching within the outlines of a piece of text. Then I collected all the different version of a's, b's that I had been drawing and put them on a pile. This typeface now exists as a digital illustrator file. For my graduation I made two publications as type specimens for the Scratched Letter.

Letter Sketch Book
The sketch book of the design process of 'The Scratched Letter'.Letter shapes are scratched in the computer, but by hand. By stacking 1 up to 200 different scratched versions of one letter, the letter gets thicker and more black.In the picture: left are 50 layers of the 'd', right is built up from 100 different scratched layers of the letter.

Flip Book
'The Scratched Letter' in use in a letter flip book. The book zooms in on a specific type characteristic of the Scratched Letter: the difference when it's used small (black) and if used big (the chaos of lines show).