zaterdag 18 februari 2006

Geborduurd - Embroider

The exhibition 'Geborduurd' showed that embroidery in now-a-days art is used as a conceptual design tool. In aiming for a combination between old-fashioned vs. modern and handcraft vs. digital I tried to refer to embroidery without using it. I constructed a typeface inside the computer, but drawn by hand. Used lines as thread almost as if I was making stitches. I wanted the design to look high-tec, punky or even aggressive and soften this by the light pink background color. The participants are printed in handwritten type: a traced italic typeface, which looks more classic. Both these two 'typefaces' are referring to digital crafted and handcraft. For type experiments see here.

Poster 125 x 175 cm, silkscreen

A3 poster, invite and brochure

Signage for the exhibition

The digitally designed type is drawn by hand with black marker on wood.

- commissioned by the Dutch Textile Museum, Tilburg
- Publicity material for an exhibition
- signage executed by Michiel Schuurman
- Type design: Embroider