woensdag 11 januari 2006


For a transparent storage inside the building, filled with seven artworks in edition, made on invitation of Margriet Kemper, this box was made. The box contains the four elements of the art-project: (The Introduction, The Interviews, The Art Works and The Storage) as four separate publications. The four publications on top of each other show the title of the project Smeedwerk and are held together with a metal clip.

Box with publications

- commissioned by Margriet Kemper and Rijkswaterstaat Lelystad
- Smeedwerk ('to forge things together') and is an art project by Margriet Kemper for the opening of the new building called 'Smedinghuis' for the Rijkswaterstaat in Lelystad
- Photography by Bob Negrijn
- type: Forge Type