dinsdag 1 april 2008

Scenes from urban caves - Pim van Halem

From 2006 onwards I worked on analysing two series of Pim van Halems ink drawings. The result is a book which will be presented on March 1st 2008 during the opening of Pims exhibition in Gallery Phoebus in Rotterdam.

You can purchase the book for 50 euro ex. postage by e-mail hansje@hansje.net.

Cover, black paper, titled by a sticker.

Chapter: 'Originelen/Originals', 2 series of 16 pen drawings, scaled and printed.

Chapter: 'Identificeerbaar/Identifiable', recognizable elements indexated per drawing.

Chapter: 'Niet identificeerbaar/Non identifiable', indexated per drawing.

Chapter: 'Punten/Dots', all dots and ink blobs indexated per drawing.

- Hansje van Halem for Pim van Halem
- 164 pages, self published in an edition of 100
- 164 pages, 21 x 29 cm
- laserpint
- 3 kinds of paper, from the Papier Toko, Enschede
- binding by Binderij Amsterdam
- with thanks to Noa Segal