dinsdag 4 maart 2008

It starts with housing - Ymere

The original assignment was to design a square, hard cover, coffee table book. In my opinion, the pictures of over 360 monument building sneeded something else. I thought this much content could use a little clarity. I made the book into a handy size, easy to flip and easy to navigate. The area codes of the locations are used as a ordering system.

The book is titled by pasting a sticker with typography around the entire photo cover.

The monument index is separated from the introduction pages by a thick page which functions as a tab.

- commissioned by Ymere (Ineke Brunt) and Thoth
- 780 pages in semi-hard cover
- printed by Bema-Graphics, Wommelgem (BE)
- binding by Binderij Van Waarden
- paper: Satimat, Royal Print and Ajax grijs
- typeface: Johnston
- size: 15,2 x 21,4 cm, 780 pages, Dutch/English
- print run: 3.500
- ISBN: 978 90 6868 477 3
- With photography by Janine Schrijver
- texts by Bas Haring, Lex Pauw, Roel Steenbeek and Mascha van Damme