zaterdag 23 februari 2008

Dom Hans van der Laan - NAI Maastricht

For the exhibition on the monk/architect Dom Hans van der Laan I was asked to design two invites and three booklets. As a startingpoint I took the typeface constructed by Van der Laan according to his 'Dynamic number'-theory. I ended up not taking it as strict as he did and started playing around with the theme.
When a visitor comes into the exhibition he has to choose from which point of view he'd like to experience the exhibition. The three booklets 'Tijd' (Time), 'Kunstnijverheid' (Crafts) and 'Het verblijf' (The residence) give similar information from a different perspective.
The booklets and invites have been printed with different background colours, corresponding Van der Laans colour-theory, they have round corners and are bound with a blue piece of rope.

Two invites (left and right) and three booklets (middle).

I made a different interpretation of the typeface for each printwork.

Each booklet is written in a different way, that way you experience the exhibition from a different point of view.

- Dom Hans van der Laan - Het menselijk verblijf - invites, brochures
- commissioned by NAI Maastricht
- curated by Wendel ten Arve
- printed by Drukkerij Rosbeek, Nuth
- 2 invites, 3 brochures of 16 pages
- type: Humanist
- size 12,3 x 20,6 cm