vrijdag 29 januari 2010

Schrank8 - poster for Bart de Baets

To announce the exhibition of graphic designer Bart de Baets in my own home gallery SCHRANK8 I silk screened a poster. I used the alfabet Marker Dots which is composed out of two printed layers. Also see Marker Dots sample.

The poster (65 x 53 cm) is silk screen printed at the Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier under the kind guidance of Michiel Schuurman. Printed with black and white ink on blue paper in an edition of 55.

Invite (21 x 27,5 cm) for SCHRANK8, exhibition of Bart de Baets. Combination of inkjet print and laser print in an edition of 100.

- SCHRANK8 is self initiated, started in 2010
- poster and invite
- opening on friday Januari 29th, 17.00 - 20.00 hrs
- open on saturday January 30th, saturday february 6th, sunday february 7th from 15.00 - 18.00 hrs