maandag 1 januari 2007

Stamp - 44 cents and 88 cents

I was commissioned to design one of the most printed and most used stamps of The Netherlands: the business stamp for TNT post. It was a delight to work a big project on such a small piece of space.

Sketches for the stamp

Translated from the TNT-website:
For the design of the new business stamps on role for 2007, TNT post chose graphic designer Hansje van Halem. According to Van Halem a design preferably has a certain 'roughness': in many designs each detail is over developed and has been polished. As a result, a certain detachment arises. "I try to emphasise the handcraft part of the design, as a result of which the distance to the user becomes smaller and the picture more accessible."
The business stamps on role are characterised by a typographical picture in which its value dominates. The design of Hansje van Halem is appropriate in that tradition. Van Halem has started with the shape of the numbers of the value. A particular circumstance of the new postage stamps is that the value is expressed in two the same figures, 44 and 88 eurocents. Hansje van Halem: "The two eights can be mirrored and still read as 88. By reflecting and to tilting the not entirely symmetrical figures it felt like the stamp got something 'naughty'. From the edges of the postage stamp I experimented with lines which have the numbers as a disappearing point. The lines determine the shape of the edges of the 44 and 88, which as a result get their irregular, individual form." By use of a light grey colour the structure of the lines remains open and the stamp remains light of tone. For the lettering of portrait stamp of 0.88 eurocents Hansje van Halem used the typeface 'Spectrum' by Jan van Krimpen, which connect well with the round forms of the 8. The lettering of the landscape stamp of 0.44 eurocents has been set in the 'Johnston', by Edward Johnston.

Here you can find a nice post about the stamps. (in Dutch)
Here you can find a clip that was made by Nils Mud / Graphic Design Museum for kids.

- commissioned by TNT Post, Den Haag
- Postage stamp of 44 cents and 88 cents
- In shops from December 11th 2006
- printed by Royal Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem
- Type: Spectrum, Johnston