vrijdag 9 november 2007

Tangible Traces

Tangible Traces, Dutch Architecture and Design in the making was a traveling exhibition, premiered at the Sao Paolo, November 10th 2007. The exhibition will show work by Alexander van Slobbe, Claudy Jongstra, Hella Jongerius, Frank Havermans and Onix. Craftmanship and tradition are seen as their connecting aspects.

The five separate spaces that were created for this exhibition were built up out of wooden A3-grid, thus creating an inner space and an outer space for each of the five participants. The A3-grid was covered with A3-papers. The papers were handdrawn with showing the title on the outer-space, and a drawing by Yke Schotten of the participants original work-area. It only takes 480 A3's to build an entire exhibition.
For this travelling exhibition it was impossible to show a lot of 'real' work. As part of the exhibition an A3 portfolio-book was added for each participant.

NAi publishers published a catalogue for this traveling exhibition. See here for more images.

- commissioned by NAI, Rotterdam / Linda Vlassenrood
- exhibition design: Studio Makkink&Bey
- illustrations*: Yke Schotten
- graphic design: Hansje van Halem
- Work by: Claudy Jongstra, Alexander van Slobbe, Frank Havermans, Hella Jongerius and Onix
- Exhibition has traveled to Sao Paulo, Wenen, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Vienna and Arnhem