donderdag 29 november 2007

CO-OPs - catalogue

CO-OPs - Interterritoriale explorations in art and science was an art and science project in which 7 teams of artist and scientist/scholars worked together to see if this collaboration could bring an extra value to art or science. This is a Work in Progress book of 416 pages. It shows their progress in text and image. It was a whole lot of work to bring together all these different articles, images and persons together into one logical book. Thanks to Uitgeverij de Buitenkant, Drukkerij Lenoir Schuring and the binder, we succeeded. The book won a prize for being one of the Most Beautiful Books of 2007.

- Hansje van Halem commissioned by NWO Humanities
- uitgeverij De Buitenkant, Amsterdam
- size: 16 x 22 cm, full colour, 416 pages
- ISBN 978 9076 4520 98
- type Big Vesta, Capitolium by Gerard Unger
- This CO-OPs book was selected as one of the 33 Most Beautiful Books of The Netherlands of 2007.
- With work, contributions and/or text by Jeroen Werner / Geert Somsen, Krien Clevis / Peter Hagoort, Ni Haifeng / Kitty Zijlmans, Edith Abeyta / Judith Thissen, Mieke Van de Voort / Ab Osterhaus, Janneke Wesseling, Irène Hediger, Ingeborg Reichle, Mirjam van Rijsingen, Robert Zwijnenberg, Annemarie Bos and Edwin Jacobs.