donderdag 20 mei 2010

W139 - Book

These books were designed for W139 art space. In the briefing for this assignment the director Gijs Frieling asked me to design a small gesture, not a big book. I chose thin paper to keep the volume of the book modest. All is bound in a floppy linen cover.
I hand-dotted all the photographs that represent the exhibitions into illustrations. This way the 60 grams paper is kept free of too much ink. (Also see the sketches.)

- Le Madison, Annja Krautgasser

- Colored, Jonas Ohlsson / Ontferm U, Maartje Folkeringa

- The Breakers, Zoro Feigl

For the content of the book I was given a chaos of texts for exhibitions, invites, press releases, interviews and letters that were written in the four years that Gijs Frieling was director of W139. We decided to put an editor to work and rearrange these texts into an encyclopedic A-Z of all the events, articles and people. The book includes 167 portraits.

- commissioned by W139 and Gijs Frieling
- made possible with supportive effort by Femke Gerritsma, Marleen van Weerd and Hendrik Folkerts
- book (
12 x 17 cm) with soft linen cover and gold colored imprint
- NL (300 copies) and EN (200 copies)
- 174 pages, with
12 full color and 169 black & white illustrations
- paper: 60 grs Elementa Opaque
- drawings with Stabilo point 88 file liner
- printed by LenoirSchuring, Amstelveen (NL)
- bound by Patist, Den Dolder (NL)
- available at W139 in Amsterdam for 19,95 euro